Whether you are a seller or buyer one thing you always keep in mind is the shipping fee.

With prices from US to UK now almost doubled, what will this mean for you?

Well as a buyer it will of course impact your buying ability.

With the cost at times almost double will this mean that you can no longer afford to buy your babies from the US?

Personally I feel that in a lot of ways reborn babies are expensive and this is something we all know when buying them.

Postal prices

So although it is unfair that the price is now so high that does not mean that for me I wouldn’t buy from an artist just becuase the price has gone up.

But I do know that for many buyers this increase may be enough to make them look closer to home for their babies.

As a seller this can of course have the potential to affect your customer base.

Will this mean a drop in sales for you from abroad?

As the seller it is not up to you to cover the cost of the shipping, but are you concerned that it may put of people that were thinking of adopting from you.

I have been trying to look into the reason behind the increase and as soon as I get some responses from companies I will get back to you.

But for now who will you react to this?

What do you think about the cost, or do you think it is just something you have to be aware of when buying your baby.

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