IDTS 2022 dates have been revealed, hotel rooms are now available and artists are booking their tables.

IDTS 2019

This is the start of any good show.

I do not doubt that the show will be sold out, with so many people eager to attend.

It is a great place to make new friends and buy your next baby.

One of the things that I love about the event is how even the vendors themselves love to go round to each other tables and shop.

There are no big egos and no competition.

There is a genuine appreciation for each others work.

Thanks to the games that will also be ongoing at the event I know that it will be a laugh from the minute the doors open, if not before.

There will no doubt be a buzz around the hotel.

One that becomes hard to miss out on.

Shows are a perfect way to bring together all the positive elements of this community.

I hope the IDTS keeps on growing for many many years to come.

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