I want to take a moment to update you on information that was released on the IDTS group about next years show.


This show is going to be unmissable for so many reasons.

The fun, the laughs, the babies, the location and the theme of the show.

“Hi everyone! Can you all believe we are already in the Holiday season?”

“Just wanted to pop in and update everyone on all things happening for the 2022 show! As of today we are sold out of all table top spaces, YAY!”

“We currently have 13 booth spaces available, then we will be completely sold out for the 2022 show! WOW! If you have reserved a spot (please check the website’s floormap to see if your name is listed) and have not sent your deposit please do that right away.”

“CONTRACTS, (this part is crucial) we will be posting the contracts soon and EVERYONE is required to fill one out completely and submit their contract to complete their registration for the 2022 show.”

“We require all exhibitors contracts by March 1st 2022. You will not be able to exhibit without this. We will post an announcement with a link, as soon as they are available.”

“All listed exhibitors without payments/contracts will be removed from the show March 1st 2022”

“PLEASE make sure you are not one of those! This is YOUR responsibility as an independant exhibitor.”

“CLASSES: We have some pretty exciting classes taking place prior to the show this year! Teachers, if you have not sent in your class information, please get that to us right away, so we can get you up on the website.”

“Students are ready to register! ? Students, please keep checking the website for updates on these exciting classes, and as always, we will post direct links to these classes when they become available from the teachers.”

“ID&TS does not run these classes.”

“We only advertise for the instructors who independently run them.”

“AWARDS BANQUET: The tickets for the 2022 awards banquet are currently available.”

“Be sure you don’t miss out on yours, because we have some pretty generous giveaways to hand out at this years banquet!”

“This is super exciting and you do not want to miss this!”

“BABY SHOWER: the baby shower is still in the planning phase, and tickets, and information are not yet available.”

“Please check back with this event after the 1st of the year.”

“VIP TICKETS: The VIP or early entry ticket for Friday’s show, will not be available until late Spring 2022.”

“CONTESTS: To participate in the DOLLS magazine Diamond Awards, that information will be available late winter/early spring 2022 on the DOLLS magazine website.”

“They will be announcing winners and handing out trophies at our banquet, on Friday night.”

“ID&TS CONTEST: Rules will be posted on the website once completed, and entry will be taken AT THE SHOW ONLY.”

” Winners will be chosen at the show on Friday, entry pieces will be required to be picked up before you leave on Friday, and you will be required to register your entry and check it out, before you can leave with it.”

“Winners will be announced, & presented with a beautiful crystal trophy during the awards banquet on Friday night, and you may all sell your pieces at Saturdays show.”

” We are getting pretty excited over here about the 2022 show, and we hope you all are too! See you all in 8 short months!”

If you haven’t joined the social group for this show why not head over and join.

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