When you buy a reborn baby, you buy it based on the pictures that are shown from the artist.

Reborn baby

So what happens if once you get the baby home you feel that maybe it would suit the opposite gender better.

Is it rude to change the reborn babies’ gender after buying it.

Obviously the artist had a vision of how they felt the baby should be, is it being disrespectful to change that?

Reborn baby

Or is it a case of you paid a lot for a baby you love but you just see it a little differently than the artist did.

After all it is your baby and you should feel connected with it.

So if changing the gender would help increase the bond what should it matter?

Would the artist really get offended or just accept that people will not see things the same way.

And even though the customer may love the baby and painting, they may feel that it would be better as a different gender.

What do you think?

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