Kansas Doll Show 2022 is not just a place for older people to go oh no.

It is a place for anyone to go to, no matter age or gender.

Kansas doll show 2019

I love how Jennys whole family got involved with organising and hosting the event, making it a completely family affair.

And that really shows and shines through in the atmosphere of the event.

It is most definitely fun for all ages

I would have zero hesitation taking either my 15 year old daughter along or my 12 year old son as I know both will have a great time.

It isn’t just the floor show that makes it such a great place, with the super charged, fun atmosphere it has you can’t help but find yourself smiling the whole time.

Add to that all the events such as baby shower and dolly bingo, classes just to name a few, you just know your feet wont hit the floor for days whilst you are there.

The time there will pass in a blur so make sure you enjoy each and every moment.

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