So Kansas Doll Show 2022 has now closed its doors, but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to end.

Kansas doll show 2018

Many people would have left the show with so much.

Lifetime memories, babies or accessories, new friends, old friends and a sense of family.

Now like most families it is stronger when it is together.

But that doesn’t mean that any of us have to be estranged.

The friends that have been made during this show will remain with you for a lifetime.

You will be able to share with each others highs and be there for their lows.

We also do not have to lose the fun.

There are no reasons we can not make plans to meet, even if we are all in different countries.

We can plan times to be on video calls.

Share each others box openings and good luck.

Then when it is time for another doll show it will be great to reunite again.

That will make the shows even more special.

I know at time once a show is over it can feel like a very long time until the next show.

But I also believe that if we hold onto the spirit of each show, that we do not have to feel down and disconnected between the shows.

So hold dear the memories and friends from the Kansas show and know that as a family we will all be here so we can keep the fun going all year long.

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