This is a truly amazing announcement, Laurie Duncan is doing a silicone baby raffle.

What an amazing chance for you to get to own your own silicone baby.

For many it is something they would love to do what are unable.

So read details below and get your hands on a ticket whilst you can.

“RAFFLE $35.00 a ticket!”

“Have you ever dreamed of adopting your very own beautiful full body silicone but funds just won’t allow it…WELL HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!!!”

“I’m doing a RAFFLE for Meli by Alejandra Zuniga.:

“The tickets are ONLY $35.00 and I will ONLY sell 100 tickets. (Once all tickets are sold I will do the drawing Live…so tag your friends)”

“Meli is a full body silicone beautifully painted bald baby girl.”

“She will come home with all the outfits you see in the photos and a couple more, a beautiful Aljehandra Blanket, her lovey and SHIPPING will be INCLUDED even Out of the US.”

“If you want a ticket PM me for more instructions.”

“Good luck EVERYONE!!!”

“This Raffle/ contest in no way associated with . in anyway.”

silicone baby raffle

silicone baby raffle

silicone baby raffle

silicone baby raffle

silicone baby raffle

silicone baby raffle

For more info and a chance to win visit Lauries . page using the link below.


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