The list of vendors for ROSE 2022 is massive.

Rose 2019

The talent level is simply amazing.

With so much talent already there it is impossible to think it could get any better.

Rose 2019

But Rose 2022 has been breaking all the limits that we thought was impossible.

Vendors attending is now another one.

I am so happy to confirm that Linda Hill will be a vendor next year.

Her talent is really awesome.

Rose 2019

She has more patience than I know how to have.

Her creativity has made some stunning art works.

I do not think her stall will be one that you can just walk passed.

Rose 2019

You will have to stop and look at her products.

Problem with that may be that you will struggle to leave empty handed.

So if you are making a list of must visit tables at the show, make sure to add Linda to that list.

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