The excitement for the Rose Doll Show has now reached a peak.

rose doll show

As if what was on offer isn’t enough Jillian Jade, from Little Ever After Nursery has announced an amazing treat for 50 lucky people

Jillian has posted that the first 50 visitors to her table at rose doll show will get a free thank you gift!!

How amazing is that of her??

This goes to show not all hope is lost within the community, that there are still people around who will put up some amazing offers.

Rose doll show

I envy those that have managed to attend Rose this year.

It’s going to be like old friends joining up again.

And Jillians offer goes to show the spirit of the event.

Rose doll show

Little Ever After nursery makes some lovely babies and accessories.

You can find Jillian at 385 Magnolia Way.

Rose doll show

To see Jillian work head over to her . page using the link provided below.

Little Ever After reborns

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