Now that I have made the decision to paint my own baby, I think that it would be amazing to have a mentor to help me learn the tricks of the trade.

It would be someone that could help me with any problems I run into, or to explain how I can achieve a realistic result.

Who ever is kind enough to help me with this would be referred to regularly during my articles documenting my progress.

Reborn painting mentor needed

I would hope not to need to message the mentor too often, only when really needed.

At this moment I do not know who to approch to be my mentor, so if anyone has an idea who would make a good guide for me or if anyone wants to take on this role, then please contact me.

I am actually really excited to do this venture, but I am infact also a little nervous to begin. With so many great artists out there I worry that I will be comparing what I am able to make, to the stunning works produced by the others .

One way to contact me is by using the . group.

You can use the link below to get there


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