Once you have all your supplies and have choosen your kit you are ready to begin painting.

But dont pick up your paintbrush just yet.

First you will need to wash all the seperate parts of the kit.

Let them then dry thoroughly.

If you are wanting veins on your baby, this will be your first step.

This is a stage that has to be done carefully and thoughtfully.

You do not want to go just putting blue lines on your kit.

Take a minute, have a look at your own veins. See how they run around your body. The path they take.

Now you can mix up your paint to make it the vein colour that you want.

You will need to mix your veining paint with some paint thinner to help you get the effect you want.

Use a small brush and start lightly to begin with. The blue paint is hard to get off if you make a mistake so take your time and dont rush. A good veining detail will help you bring your baby to life.

After you have finished painting the veins and you are happy with them use a sponge to feather out the ends of each vein while they are still wet.

You now need to wait for the veinning to dry before moving on to the next stage.

You should already be starting to see your baby coming to life.

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