A Reborn baby truly is a special thing to own.

But some countries do not have lots and lots of artists.

Malta is one of those countries, having only one talented lady who creates them.

Reborn baby

“Walking into Jennifer Hubbers’ home I am greeted by a number of babies in antique prams.

No, they are not all her children, neither has she kidnapped them: they are actually what are known as ‘reborn dolls’.”

“Reborn dolls are dolls that have been transformed to resemble a human baby, with as much realism as possible, and Jennifer Hubbers is Malta’s only reborn doll artist, known as a reborner.”

Reborn baby

“A lot of people do not understand the process involved in reborning or why reborn dolls are made, but Jennifer enthusiastically explains in great detail what is involved.

Her hobby of reborning began in 2013 as a result of her fascination with Silver Cross prams.”

“Her original intention was to buy one of these prams for her youngest daughter and because the pram was so beautiful, she felt it could not just have any doll in it.

So Jennifer searched the internet for baby dolls and she came across these reborn dolls.”

Reborn baby

To read the full article about Jennifer use the link provided below.

Jennifer Hubbers Reborn Babies

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