We had a great time today. We walked into H&M and took a look at some of the baby clothes inside.

We were very pleased with what we found and had a great time searching the shelves and various shelves.

We found a very cute pullover for our baby boy. This pullover is available in sizes 0-3 months, so it will fit any of our boys.

We also found a very nice dress for one of our reborn girls. Honestly, I think it would be perfect for Tiana or Tammy. This is a size 2-4 months and I look forward to seeing the girls in it.

Also, I found a pack of two long sleeve tops for Aurora. They are 12 months old and very sweet.

When we left the store and were ready to pay, I saw another part of the store that I wanted to check out.

Here I found a sweet grey hat. There is a golden butterfly on it. I really like this hat so must have it.

I also decided to pick up some bobby pins for Aurora or whatever future toddler or doll girl we got.

This is a three pack and I personally think they are cute.

The last thing we brought was two packs of dummies. These are NUKs and I have to say they are currently our favourites.


Of course we did videos of all the products.

I can’t wait to buy more to add to our collection. Adding new bits is good because we’ll often lose bits by moving.


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