So I wanted to share the box opening of my new baby with you.

But I have to confess to being too excited to do that, so instead I am going to talk you through it and show you as many pictures as I can of it.

First I want to say that this baby came from Gemini Reborn Nursery

So I got the box home and could not wait to open it.

I begun with the extras so the diapers,

box opening

They are so cute and christmasy with is great.

Then I got to the outfit she came with and OMG what an outfit. It is so cute.

Box Opening video


I can’t wait to put her in this outfit, she will look so amazing in it.

I do think that I want to get some headbands to go with it for her.

Then maybe also a xmas paci if I can find one.

Next I took out her belly plate. This has been painted so well.

I had a lovely card and birth certificate stuff in a really cute envelope.

It was then time to get to the best bit.

The baby.

She arrived home in a cute white blanket with grey elephants on.

As normal we began with her feet. Moving the blanket revealed a really sweet sleeper. It has pink turtles with gold hearts.

It didnt take me long to get to her head as I was very eager to see her.

I removed the blanket and her head was protected with bubblewrap.

She has the cutest face.

The paci she came with glows in the dark.

Her hair is very soft and has been rooted really well.

I love her skin tone. It suits her really well.

I have to admit that I am so glad that I have her.

I want to say a big thank you to Richell.

She is stunning and I am in love with her.

So to see more pictures of this baby and many others in my collection please head over to Our Life With Reborns . group.

Our Life With Reborns . group

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