As anyone that reads my articles will know I am hoping to attend the Rose Doll Show 2022.

Rose doll show 2019

So far my hotel is booked and now I also have some tickets. ????

The floor shows for both Friday and Saturday are now booked.

I am so happy.

It’s a weird kind of mix of excitment and uncertainty.

Excitment due to the fact that I have actually now gotten closer than ever before to going.

Uncertainty because I am unsure how it will be when I am there.

I imagine getting there and just standing about by myself.

I know most people that are there have known each other for a long time.

So yes I am nervous about not fitting in.

But fingers crossed I am going to go.

I will be able to say I was there.

Then I can show everyone even more pictures from all areas of the event next year.

It will be the most fun working holiday.

I can’t wait.

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