Youtube star Nlovewithreborns2011 is a household name among the reborn community.

Many of us became inspired by her videos and the quality of her work.

Her time at the Rose Doll Show this year was amazing and it has prompted her to aim for bigger next year.

Her Slime Cream truck with Molly was amazing and looked so cool.


So it is truly great news that she has annouced that she will be attending the Show next year.

But this time she has booked three booths and is aiming to bring between 20- 40 babies.

On . she wrote.

” Time to get ready for ROSE 2022. I will have two booths and I plan to have 20 to 40 reborn babies for sale. So start saving your money ?”

I can’t wait to see if she manages to reach her 40 goal.

Can you imagine, 40 of Stephanies beautiful babies all in one place.


How would anyone be able to choose just one?

If I am able to attend I will need to save up a load of money as I suspect I would want more than just one.

But personally I think it will be be really exciting.

We all know that Stephanie is a wonderful artist. She just seems to understand each kit she has and brings them to life almost as if she had breathed the life into them.

But even with such a big goal set I don’t actually doubt that she will meet her goal and that 40 gorgeous babies will be heading home from the show with their proud new mummies.

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