The British “Daily Mail”, “Daily Mail” published an article sharing the story of a woman and her reborn baby.

The reborn community is getting bigger and bigger all the time, and it’s great to hear more and more stories about the experiences of different peoples.

Many of us own more than one reborn doll, and artist and collector Silvia Heszterenyiova is no exception.

Silvia Heszterenyiova, 43, from Sydney, has been sharing the story of her passion for “reborn” dolls.

Reborn Doll is a hyper-realistic baby she wears, tucks into clothes at night, and even goes on day trips to the beach.

Silvia’s love for rebirth began on her 40th birthday when her daughter gave her one as a birthday present.

a lady's story

“I have 57 children – but only two of them are human”:

Woman reveals her obsession with ‘reborn’ dolls – and says she even made exact replicas of dead babies to help grieving parents

This dedicated mummy even has all the equipment any mother would have.

a lady's story

a lady's story

Now, Silvia is the “mother” to 54 other Reborns who have become part of her daily life.

Among them is a ginger-haired Demi, who often spends days at the beach.

Also super cute Toby, Sylvia brings skateboarding adventures.

To read the full text of the Daily Mail, use the link below.
Daily Mail full text

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a lady's story

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