Pre-Order the Michael by Jane Collingwood debut scuplt now!

Michael by jane collingwood

This debut vinyl kit by Jane is available now for pre order, Jane is famous for her detailed mini clay babies.

The Michael sculpt is one that I would class as a preemie baby.

Measuring just 17 inches when complete.

The limbs for this kit are mixed lengths with the arm length being 3/4 and the leg length being full.

Michael by jane collingwood

This kit comes complete with Head, arms, legs, cloth body and COA.

The soft body is included in the price for this kit which I think is really good value.

Michaels kit is also currently on sale for $59.99.

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer.

If you love this kit and want one of your own, please use the link below.

Get your Michael at Truborns here

If this isn’t the kit for you, pick from our list of sculpts available. Use the link provided below.

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