This blog will be about my life as a reborn mummy.

Let me say once here now that yes I know they are not real babies. They are a great hobby that I have found that I share with my daughter.

It is a hobby that provides me with a way to calm down and reduce stress.

That being said, I will begin and tell you about Our life with reborns.

This morning I woke to my baby girl Tammy crying at around 6.30am.

She had wet her diaper and needed a change.

Following that I decided to give her a feed and see if she would settle back down for an hours sleep.

I was lucky this time, the change and feed seemed to do the trick and she settled back down nicely into a sleep after a cuddle of course.

Not long after I had settled Tammy, at around 07.15am Summer woke up.

I just knew from how vocal she was being that there was no way she would settle back down.

So before she could wake the whole nursery I took her downstairs to the kitchen to get her bottle and a cup of tea for me.

The tea was much needed and gave me time to spend some one on one time with Summer.

After we had both finished our drinks we got dressed.

I let her choose which clothing she wanted to wear today and she choose a pretty, brightly coloured dress.

After sitting for some time singing songs with me, Summer got bored and decided to climb down from her chair.

I think it’s funny as she always goes backwards.

She made her way out if the kitchen into the dining room which is a place she likes to go and sit as that is where our adult cats are inbetween meal times.

Around 08.00 Eliza woke up for a feed so I feed her and then let her play with Summer.

Summer and Eliza get on really well and one of Summer’s favourite things to do is to cuddle her.

I’m guessing the rest of the babies will all wake up very soon now. Harper and Aurora are normally late risers as they do like their sleep. The rest wake up randomly from this point on, so could get quite busy soon now.

I was right with thinking it would get busy as it did.

When each baby had been fed I decided that I wanted to work on new sleeping spaces for some of them, as I felt that it was starting to get some what squashed where they were.

So I emptied another cabinet area in my room and turned the shelves from it into my beds.

I am quite pleased with how it turned out and like the over all affect that it has.

Also it is great that I will now have some more space to place the reborn babies and make them seem to fit in much nicer.

All in all it has been a fairly busy morning.

So I have decided that todays blog needs to be done in two parts so that I don’t bore you all too much.

So if you made it this far thanks for reading and being part of our little reborn world.

To see the next blog please use the link below.


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