Payment plans can be something that a lot of artists tend to try and avoid, and I can’t say I blame them.

Payment plans

Lots of people enter into payment plans without really thinking it through.

This leads to problems later down the line.

With people only paying once or twice and then not paying again.

This means that the artist may have turned away people that have asked about their babies.

Payment plans can be a great thing, they make it more affordable for many people to buy the baby of their dreams.

But it is a contract that you are entering into.

One which you should not enter lightly.

Of course sometimes things do happen that are outside your control.

Artists do know this, but it should be the rarity not the norm.

I think the artists that accept payment plans should be appreciated for doing so.

Payment plans

For many artists they factor in the sale of their babies into their weekly or monthly budget.

So all missed payments have an impact.

So if you enter into a plan, please do everything you can to stick to it.

It would be a crying shame if all artists stopped offering it due to being let down.

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