What a stunning reborn baby prototype is available for sale on ..

This version of June awake has been brought to life by Shirley Jones.

Prototype reborn baby

Name: June

DOB: 9th September 2022

Weight: 6lb 3oz

Length: 19 inches from tip to toe

PROTOTYPE #1 of 4 – ‘JUNE AWAKE’ Realborn® by Bountiful Baby

Prototype reborn baby

Ebay Auction For June Awake

Prototype reborn baby

June is a prototype and has been expertly reborn from the gorgeous new REALBORN® sculpt ‘JUNE AWAKE’ from BOUNTIFUL BABY and DENISE PRATT.

A huge thank you to Bountiful Baby for giving me the opprtunity to bring this beautiful sculpt to life!

June has the most beautiful face and gorgeous full limbs.

She is a perfect little girl to dress and cuddle. She also comes with a gendered tummy plate.

She has the most gorgeous newborn skin tones with milk spots and baby blemishes.

This little girl also has subtle ‘peeling skin’ effect on her ankles and wrists – just like a real baby!

She wears ‘newborn’ or ‘first size’ clothes but may need 0-3 months in some items as she is quite chunky ?

She has beautifully rooted medium brown Slumberland hair.

This colour can look more like a dark blonde in some lights and complements her skin colour perfectly.

Her hair is swirled and slightly thicker at the crown and finer towards the face. It is very true to life ?

It is finely painted underneath and directionally micro-rooted so very easy to comb back into place after dressing her.

She has true to life skin tones, veining and mottling, all painted with Genesis heat set paints and she is sealed with my unique blend to give a slightly textured but soft feel.

June has finely rooted eyelashes.

She has the most realistic glass eyes with very subtle red blood vessels – these eyes are the most realistic I have ever seen!

Nostrils have been opened and backed.

Beautiful layette.

Able to take a magnetic dummy/paci

Weighted using quality materials ~ extra finely ground glass granules, ‘baby fat’ balls, stainless steel shot and ‘Angel Silk’ fibre fill.



Prototype reborn baby

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