This stunning prototype reborn baby for sale is the Zurie Awake baby.

Beautiful Reborn PROTOYPE Baby Doll ~ Zurie Awake ~ Sam’s Reborn Nursery

Prototype reborn baby for sale

PROTOTYPE Zurie Awake Sculpted by Bountiful Baby

Please note, I do not make custom orders.

Length 18″

Weight Approx 4lb .

Date of Birth 16th September 2022

Prototype reborn baby for sale

This adorable PROTOTYPE reborn baby has been carefully brought to life using many layers of heat set genesis paints. These paints are permanent.

I have spent many hours creating her realistic skin tone,

She has full vinyl arms and legs on a custom made cloth body.

Prototype reborn baby for sale

She is weighted to feel just like a real baby,

I have painted the hair on this baby using different colors built up in layers

I have added a texture medium for extra realism.

Prototype reborn baby for sale

Painted hair does not require any maintaining – it will always stay looking the same.

She comes with all the new clothes seen in pictures.

Blanket, birth certificate, certificate of authenticity and a magnetic dummy

Prototype reborn baby for sale

To See Zurie Awake Auction Click Here

Prototype reborn baby for sale

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