So as you all know this hobby can be really expensive.

One way to get items that you may want for your baby is to buy them second hand.

I have found that a good way to do this is through ..

Personally I have purchased many items this way and most of the time I have been pleased with the outcome.

So even though this hobby may be an expensive one, it doesnt mean that you have to pay out more than you can afford to.

(This bouncer is £8.50)

I feel that there are ways that even people on a budget could still enjoy this hobby.

You dont need to have the best or newest of everything to have as strong a bond or connection with your baby that anyone else has with theirs.

So enjoy your baby, spend what you can and what you are able to.

(This jumperoo is £25.50)

This hobby should not be one that can bankrupt you.

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