When you welcome a new baby into your home, you want to take care of and take care of it.

Reborn is not a toy and should be treated with care. They are collectibles and should be handled with care. Reborns’ heads must be supported like real babies.

holding baby head

You should never use its limbs to handle your baby.

If your baby has rooted hair, you can lightly brush and style as it seals from the inside.


I prefer to use a soft baby brush to detangle my hair. If you want, you can spray with water or gently leave in conditioner before styling.

Don’t pull out the tangles, as this will pull out your baby’s hair.

In general, it’s best to avoid touching your baby’s eyelashes, as they are very delicate.

Reborn Eyelashes

It is recommended to keep your baby away from heat and cold. Extreme heat can damage vinyl and ruin your respawn. Also, you should keep your baby dry.

However, if desired, you can dust your baby with a damp cloth.

When changing your baby, be careful not to pull on the limbs, as this may tear the seams. You can turn your baby’s head gently, but not too hard.

If your baby has magnets, remember these are strong magnets. Do not use them near any electronic or computer equipment or near people with pacemakers.

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