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Cute*N*Cozy Nursery is where you will find the most precious realistic babies available. The highest quality for the Elite doll collector. 11 years of excellence!




Custom Bodies:

All bodies are $35 shipped.
** Price is for doe suede bodies only. Other fabrics will cost more.**

Sizes available:

Mirco preemie 10″ to 28″ toddler

Shipping costs:
$10 within Canada and to the US (included in the price above). Overseas add $8 to the above price.

PayPal or eTransfer only please!

* Please note that you are purchasing a body that you will need to stuff on your own. I do include cable ties, extra can be purchased if needed.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


If you would like to order a body, please fill out the form . Thank you! ?

Please include in your message what kit you’d like the body made for, as I may have one specifically designed for that kit.

If you have no idea what type of body you need, please include pictures of your doll taken apart, so that I can see for sure.

I will email (or message if on .), finished pictures of your custom body before shipping it out to you. ?

Some babies have 3/4 legs, but with the new front loading bodies, it appears as though they have full limbs. See the 6 month size Easton kit asleep, with 3/4 legs, on a full leg body. No more joints! Yay!

*** I can make Caucasian, ethnic or ?? If you need a furry body, a minky body, or something different, I can make it!
*Please note that prices above are for doe suede fabric only.*


3/4 arms with full legs.

Gathered tush and chest are optional.

I can do combination bodies with full limbs, and 3/4 limbs. (3/4 arms, and full legs, or full arms and 3/4 legs.)

You can contact Tanya on . at


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