The Owls Nest Nursery is run by a very talented lady who has been into reborns since 2011 and started reborning herself in 2013.

Before writing this article I asked her for some information about herself.

I was very pleased with her responses as they really gave me a feel for the womam behind the creations.

“I fell in love with the process of creating them, and seeing the happiness it brought to others. For me, the Art of Reborning is more than just making a little bit of money, or having something to do. It is a personal feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and later when someone else has fallen in love with one of my creations, a feeling of joy. I love to make people feel happy, and creating something that brings a bit of joy to them, well…I think that is special. It always warms my heart.”

“I have many favorite sculpts! lol Too many to name, as I haven’t seen one yet that I didn’t like.”

“I admire many Reborn Artists, but it was my Mother-n-Law who encouraged me to try my hand at Reborning, and to continue with it.”

“As far as a personal bio, I am 39 (for now lol). Married to a wonderful husband, and I have a 17 year old Son who recently joined the Army. I worked Retail in a small Jewelry store in Beaufort, NC for 14 years (full time), several years here and there before becoming full time…before relocating and becoming a housewife. I also live in Kannapolis, North Carolina, USA.”

Her work seems amazing and I myself have purchased a baby from her which i am super excited to get.

Once my baby arrives i will do an artist review but if im honest i think i will be more than happy when my baby gets here.

I purchased my baby from Instagram, and my experience with The Owl’s Nest Nursery has been amazing.

She is a pleasure to talk to, the communication is very regular and you can contact her when ever you want.

Her responses are fast and she is more than willing to help solve any issues you may have and answer any questions.

So if you are considering buying a reborn I would recommend going over to her .


Or her instagram which is theowlsnestnursery

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