Reborn baby blog 5th October.

This reborn blog is I am hoping going to be like a reborn diary which should be a lot of fun.

Today the weather is really starting to feel cold.

With the temperature dropped to around -5 and the ground covered in frost.

Getting out of bed was really hard.

So I decided to have a cuddle with my baby instead.

reborn baby blog

It is also great when I have time to do that.

I organised some of the babies items today which allowed me to really take stock of all the items I have in my nursery.

This is something I have really been putting off doing.

I wanted to spend time with Summer today as well.

It had been awhile since I had been able to, so we watched mulan together.

Which was great as it is a movie she loves. She ended up asleep before the film ended.

So although not too much seemed to be done today, it was still fun to do.

I will end the night again with more cuddles.

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