Don’t you just love reborn baby cuddles?

Is there anything better than at the end of a long day sitting down and have a cuddle with your reborn.

Sometimes it can be the start of your relaxing evening.

Other times it can be the last thing at night.

Reborn baby cuddles

Either way the sense of serenity that washes over you when you have that cuddle is amazing.

It’s a little like for a moment the stress of the “real world” doesn’t matter.

I think that it is one of the few moments in my busy day that I get to just stop and say, it’s worth it.

Reborn baby cuddles

Reborns may not be for everyone, and many people do not understand them.

But for those that do, you know the feeling i’m talking about.

So enjoy that cuddle and know that you have really earned it.

Life can be hard, take a moment for you.

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