Am I the only one that always seems to have problems with taking realistic, cute pictures of my reborn baby?

I do not know how some artists seem to be able to find the perfect backdrop and perfect pose for their babies.


Yet whenever I try to position my babies into place to take a photo they end up either not looking natural or looking out of place.

I do not know if it is lighting, props or accessories that is missing but something clearly is.

Like many of you out there I do enjoy taking photos of my reborns when I can.

But the headache that comes with trying to get that right photo sometimes causes me to not end up taking any picture.

I am lucky really that as I am not an artist I do not have to take them that often.

But I am unsure if this problem is just to me or if other people have the same frustration.

If you do how do you get over it so that you can do what you need.

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