This morning was an early start, we were up at 6.00am.

We had decided to take a little trip out today, no where major but just wanted to get out as it feels we had been in for ages.

We had agreed to go out and see the area a little and thought we would share it with you.

So I do hope you don’t mind that today will be more going out pictures instead of just reborns.

The first job was to change and feed all the babies.

This was easier said then done.

Tammy was a little but fretful again. She had her morning feed but it took me longer than I had hoped for.

I think she just wanted a little bit extra attention today. This is something that I will make sure that I do for her. I will get some cuddle time with Tammy into the day today.

I then went on to change Jamie and Katie so that all the triplets were ready.

These three are so funny together they normally like to giggle at each other. Katie sometimes pulls on Jamies toes which he then wriggles at.

Tammy is the quieter of the three, but this by no means suggests that she is actually quiet.

She can be noisy when she wants.

Summer was excited for today and she didn’t make getting dressed easy because she wanted to choose her own outfit but as we were going out I wanted to make sure that what she had on at least matched.

By 9.30am all babies were dressed and feed, so we were ready to go.

The sun was just starting to come out and the sky was not too over cast.

So I had high hopes that we would at least be able to get a good morning outside.

I placed some bottles of water into a bag and the sun lotion. (Yes I know I live in Sweden but I still have to put lotion on them).

Also a small bag of crisps and a sandwich.

We had to walk for a little way before getting a lift into town.

The town has some lovely views and countryside.

I will show you in photos some of the things we saw.

But in true Swedish style in the summer the rain isn’t far away and it started to become cloudy and dark.


So I made the decision to take us all home at that point.

So after a long morning out the babies were ready for a nap, luckily for me they settled down very quickly.

Seems the early morning and fresh air has tired them all out.

This was a great day out and I had a really good time.

But I am now glad to be back home and able to relax whilst they sleep.

If you enjoyed being part of our day and want to see other things that happen in our nursery please use the link below.


See you next time.

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