I’m thinking these updates will end up becoming quite common from me I am afraid. But with Reborn clothing so cute can you blame me?

MydesignJorge has to be one of my favourite places to look for new reborn clothing outfits.

With something for everyday use and special occasions it is no wonder that he sells out fast.

Reborn clothing

This particular outfit is ideal for the full body babies, and this is just a small sample of the items that Jorge has created.

I know that there is much more coming out soon and it will be impossible not to fall in love with at least one piece.

But this comes with a warning, once you own once item from Jorge you will be hooked, you will then need more.

One of his designs are never enough.

You like Hello Kitty? He has you covered.

You like unicorns? Covered.

And so much more.

Jorge is certainly a designer that I will be sharing with you often.

Reborn clothing

To follow Jorge yourself and to catch his weekly lives, use the link provided to go to his . page.

Jorges’ . Page.

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