As our babies do not grow up in this hobby, it gives us time to build up different collections related to the reborns.

A paci collection, nappy collection , bottle collection and also clothing collection.

The clothing that is available to us for our reborns is really limitless.

Even if you are working on a limit budget there is no reason why within a year you could not have purchased through some method a few outfits for your baby.

One of my personal favourite things when buying a doll from a different country is seeing what else the baby comes with.

Stuff that we can not get in the country we are in.

Some clothing brands are fairly common worldwide.

But clothing brands like Carters and Jack and Cat for example are pretty much impossible to get outside the US.

Other brands will be mostly to different countries.

For example in UK I can buy from George, Primark, Next, Matalan to name a few.

There are some countries that brands are more commonly known, for example babies r us.

It got me wondering.

What is the most common clothing brand for reborn where you are.

I have decided to take a poll on this via my . group and will let you know the outcome.

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