For many of you the thought of putting on a Reborn Doll Show may have been something that you have considered before.

Reborn doll show

So I thought I would try and get some serious feedback from everyone.

I am thinking of hosting a Doll Show in Stockholm, this one will however be in winter when there will be snow on the ground.

I think it would be a nice back drop for the event.

I even have a theme in mind to go with.

I thought this might make a change from the current shows that are available.

Don’t get me wrong I love the shows that are currently on.

They are all amazing.

But maybe it would be nice to have some in different parts of the world to give more people chance to attend.

Now I am not sure yet when this would happen.

But for now all I really needed was an idea of ​​anyone who may be interested.

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