There are so many things to love about collecting reborn babies.

Reborn giveaways

Previous giveaway from Nlovewithreborns2011

One of those things has to be the giveaways.

Ok so I may have never won from a giveaway but that doesn’t stop them from being fun.

It is a way to add a little excitement to the day.

Reborn giveaways

Previous Cat Johnston giveaway

Giveaways I have noticed can literally be for anything.

From babies to accessories to kits.

But no matter what the prize is the thrill is on the hoping that you win.

Now this can also have a negative side.

I know some people have stopped doing giveaways as the people that have not won can at times not be very nice about it.

From giveaways I have done myself in the past I have noticed that people also do not always follow all the rules.

This makes it time consuming for those hosting the reborn giveaways to have to check everything.

In fact I have in the past had to pick a new winner if I found the person who I picked first had not followed the rules.

So yes I love reborn giveaways and they should be treated as a gift.

No one has to offer others the chance to win anything.

Yet they do.

So if you see a giveaway you want to enter, take the time to check all the rules and follow them.

If you do not win try and be happy for the person who did.

Lets not turn this into something that people stop doing due to nastiness after the draw.

And anyone that is in a giveaway currently good luck.

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