Rose doll show 2022 may be over but now the build up for Rose Doll Show 2022 can begin.

Rose doll show 2019

Although this years show has only just finished and dates have only been announced today for next years show, you can bet there will be a clamour to get hotel rooms.

I have spent some time looking today and so far I have found no available rooms anywhere close to the conference center.

As a non driver its important that I am in walking distance to it.

This of course gives me extra headache.

So it will be time to hit the hotel websites and try to find any with a room available to reserve early enough to get within walking distance.

This will be a task.

Have any of you already booked your rooms?

If so where did you manage to get in.

I would really hate to miss next years show at this early stage just because there are no rooms.

So if you know of any hotel that would fit what I need please feel free to let me know.

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