With the popularity of the Rose Doll Show growing, it is easy to see why everyone seems to have Rose Doll Show Fever.

Rose Doll Show

The show has been steadily growing over the past years, reaching what will be its current peak in it’s 2022 show.

With extras booths and tables having to be added due to an excess of artists wanting to take part as a vendor, you can only imagine how many attendees will be going.

If someone was to ask me to name one thing that I look forward to when the Rose is on I really can’t.

Of course I love to see which babies people have taken to the event.

I also love to see all the fun that others have at the extra activities.

For example the baby shower, tea party And award show to name a few.

So is it any wonder people are already having Rose fever months before the event?

Certainly not…

And it will only continue to grow.

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