Recently there has been so much talk about all the negativity within the comminity that I thought it only right to highlight some of the good within it currently taking place at the Rose doll show.

Rose doll show

This years show has an amazing event which shows just how caring the community can be.

Reborn artists were given the chance to donate one of their reborn babies to a special needs person.

Many wonderful people took up this invitation.

Rose doll show

One of the Rose Doll show favourite people Sarah Mellman took to social media to share this amazing event.

“We had our first batch of ROSE Cares Recipients come to the show today.”

Rose doll show

“It was very tender and touching to watch them receiving their babies.”

Rose doll show

“I missed a few babies being given away. We were in a squishy space and blocked up traffic for awhile. But these ladies were so excited to get their babies and meet the artists.”

“3 from this group didn’t make it to the show because of personal issues.”

“Their babies were sent back with the helpers. Thank you again to everyone who adopted this group of recipients. It was pretty awesome!!”

rose doll show

Each and everyone of these ladies is truly amazing and deserves extra recognition.

Well done ladies.

You should feel proud.

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