Recently I have had to sell many of my babies, which has left me having to say goodbye to them.

It’s surprising just how attached we get to our babies which makes parting with them so much more difficult.

I don’t like packing them away until it is almost time to leave me as I feel bad having them in the box longer than they need to be.

Isn’t that crazy.

That I feel bad for them.

Of courss I know that they are only dolls, but when you have had them for a while they become part of your life.

Due to this when it is time to let them go to is too difficult.

With one of mu babies I couldn’t be in the same room when the doll was put into the shipping box.

I just felt so rotten about the whole thing.

So although some people will say that they are just dolls.

In truth, to us that collect them, they are so much more.

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