Second edition Levi by Bonnie Brown sculpt is now available.

Second edition levi by bonnie brown

This super cute baby was sculpted as a portrait of our own son, Levi, this kit is an exact and wonderful duplicate, down to every fine detail.

EDITION #2 now selling!

Levi has a really nice size head, which fits so nicely into your hand.
His head Circumference is 34.5cm or just over 13.5 inches.

When completed this little bundle of joy measures 17 inches long head to heal, would be 21 inches with straight legs.

Baby Levi fits perfectly into newborn sized clothing He is average newborn size.

I love the fact that this little Levi has full arms and full legs, as I feel it helps add realisim to the babies when you do not have to worry as much about any of the soft cloth body showing.

This kit comes complete with all limbs, and head but also with the soft cloth body included.

This kit has been made from beautiful to touch soft vinyl with beautiful details.

With this kit you will also get the second edition COA included.

The full price for this kit is currently $110 including shipping in the USA.

If this little treasure is the one for you, then use the link provided to head over to Truborns to purchase your own.

To buy your own Levi, click here

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