As if the Kansas Doll Show couldn’t get any better, now there is going to be a silent auction to win a stunning outfit made by the super talented Jorge Aguilar.

Jenny shared this creation on social media.

Jorge Aguilar

“Another generous donation for the Kansas Doll Show. This will be given away in a silent auction. Thanks a bunch Jorge Aguilar. This dress set is gorgeous!!!”

This outfit is so current to what people are liking at the moment.

With more and more people having unicorns on items.

It is great that this can be carried through to your babies clothing.

Jorge Aguilar

The outfit is dainty in many ways so also suits those people that like their outfits a little more subtle.

Overall it means that this is sure to be a huge success with everyone.

If you are attending the show make sure you are a part of this silent auction.

It will be so exciting.

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