Now I know that most of my articles are about vinyl reborn babies, so I want to take a moment now to say just how amazing silicone baby artist and sculptors are.

Silicone baby artist

The challenges in making a silicone baby are immense.

I do not know how they do it, the patience that they have to show for a start is huge.

Knowing me after four or five failed attempts at creating something that even vaguely resembled a finger I would give up.

Silicone baby artist

Not the sculptors, they continue to struggle on knowing that in the end they will get it right.

Don’t get me wrong, I know sculptors of vinyl babies have the same patience and issues.

The skill set that is shown in something as essential as layers of paints is so much more than I could do that I just think we should thank our artists and sculptors more than we do.

Silicone baby artist

I have been considering have a go at painting a reborn baby at some point, but it seems such a huge undertaking that I always seem to back away from it.

Another thing that I thing is taken for granted alot about the silicone artists is the rooting.

Rooting a silicone baby is very different to rooting a vinyl baby.

Silicone babies hair can not be rooted internally, causing problems all of its own.

So to all you hard working silicone baby artist and sculptors out there, thank you. You are awesome.

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