As some of you may know, I recently received a new baby into my nursery.

I was so excited before opening the box because it had been a long wait and it took me a long time to watch this artist because she has her own channel and is very famous.

So I’m looking forward to big things.

After opening the baby, it’s safe to say I was very disappointed.

In my opinion, babies are more like store-brought babies. This is not what I expected.



Once I turned her on, I let her stay overnight to see if I felt any different about her in the morning, and then I made a more detailed video about her.

I made this the next day.


I don’t want to be unfair, so I decided to give you all the facts about it.

The order for the baby was placed on December 18, 2012.

I finally made my payment on March 9, 2015.

As this email attests

Then the doll was completed on April 17, 2022.

The doll subsequently shipped on June 15, 2022.

So I just wanted to show you everything.

I would like to add that I have already refunded the missing items for the doll.

Also, I really don’t want Still Moments Nursery to feel compelled to talk to Youtube about defamation as she suggests.

So here,

Yes, it’s been almost five years from the date of the order to when I received her.

It did take me two and a half years to pay her off, and I’m grateful for that.

After payment was made, it took a year to complete the doll, and then another year to ship the baby.

I am not satisfied with the quality of the doll compared to all the other dolls out there.

I’m not sure if there is a reason for this.

But I hope this helps clarify some things.

Here are some baby pictures for you.

The pictures are of the baby from SMN next to the baby I only paid for a quarter of the cost.

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