Ok so I wanted to tell you all about an amazing giveaway that is currently underway.

The super talented Laurie Sullivan Roy is doing a giveaway on 15th September.

All the prizes are made from silicone.

The top prize you could win is a newborn silicone baby.

This was the last top prize in her giveaway.

I’m not joking, you could win a silicone baby.

Ok so it may not be a free giveaway as it works kind of like a raffle. You have go buy your cupcake.

The cupcakes are currently $130.

But seeing as the smallest prize is a silicone micro baby that is worth that prize really you can’t lose.

The best part about it is that everyone wins.

No one walks away empty handed.

So how does it work?

Well on the 1st September Laurie goes live to do the drawing at 6pm paficic time.

She has a list of everyone who has brought a cupcake.

One by one she asks you to pick your number between 1 and 50.

Infront of her Laurie has 50 super cute cupcakes.

Each cupcake has a number on it.

So once you pick your number Laurie picks that corresponding cupcake.

Inside each cupcake is either a mini silicone item, it could be a baby, puppy, dragon, mermaid or something else.

If you are lucky enough to win something bigger then inside your cupcake there will be a piece of paper saying what you have won.

If you are not. Completely happy with what you win then there is an exchange bin where you may be able to change your prize for something else.

If you live in an area which would make it difficult to watch live then Lauires daughter will pick your cupcake at the end of the draw.

I personally have purchased a cupcake and can not wait to see what I will pick.

I will update you all on 2nd September as to what I have won.

Fingers crossed for the newborn baby, that would be amazing.

But whatever the prize is I will be honoured to have it in my nursery and you can guarantee that I will be doing a video about it for our channels.

So please go and check it out to take part and get your very own cupcake. Laurie has very kindly extended the deadline to purchase your cupcake.

You now have until the 26th August to buy one.

Thank you so very much Laurie for hosting this for us.

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