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Prototype baby

Proud to present Prototype ” Lola ” by the very talented

Bonnie Sieben.

Many thanks to Bonnie Sieben for putting trust in my work, loved every second while bringing to life this little angel.
Name : Prototype “Lola”

Date of Birth : 27 August 2022

Time of birth : 20:29 pm

Length : 20″ tall

Weight : 2.200kg/4.85lb

Prototype baby

She has full vinyl limbs on a cloth body, sculpted by the Canadian doll artist

Bonnie Leah Sieben.

Weighted with tiniest glass granules and a very soft fibre fill. No sand was used in weighing this little princess.

I only use highest quality materials in creating my babies.

Baby Lola has beautiful skin created through many layers of paints to give a realistic 3D effect.

The baby’s skin has all the natural colours of a real babies skin, with veins and mottling that appears to run deep under the skin.

Prototype baby

I have used Genesis heat set paints to create the baby’s skin tone, finished with final texture of layers of satin varnish.

This texture is light and soft to the touch and protects baby’s beautiful skin.

The ultimate in realism is what i strive for with every one of my reborns.

I am always trying to take the realism one step further, many hours are spent on painting and perfecting the skin tones and texture.

Prototype baby

I am not afraid to take close up photos, believe me what you see is what you get, as an artist details are very important to me.

I am confident that whoever is lucky enough to become Lola’s Mommy will not be disappointed with her.

Colours may vary on a different computer monitors and will vary on photos as light changes in the day.

My photos reflect the true colours of the babies, no photoshop has been used.

Prototype baby

Please take time and enjoy her photo gallery !!!

You will instantly want to pick her up and cuddle her forever…

She looks, feels and smells like a real baby.

If you are looking for the ultimate realism, than this is your baby.

So beautiful, so real…

Prototype baby

Here are some details of prototype “Lola”

Prototype Lola, her hair was carefully painted in light brown colour,

it is a slow process but in the end it looks unbelievable real.

Prototype “Lola”

will go home with all the clothing from the photos.

( props and wrappers are not included )

Her favourite toy, her blanket,

COA and a Birth Certificate by me.

She is a beautiful handcrafted heirloom to be cherished and loved for many years to come.

Also please note that a magnet has been placed inside her head so she can have a dummy.

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