Collecting reborn babies is lots of fun.


But like most things in life, even the most fun things have pit falls to avoid.

With reborns it is often easy to spot the dangers, but in some cases difficult to avoid.

So one obvious danger is being scammed.


This is when you buy a baby online and when the baby gets to you it is not what you thought you were getting.

The feeling this leaves you with if really horrible.

In many ways it can leave you feeling like you want to give up.

It is something that as buyers we have to be very careful of.

There are a few ways to protect yourself from this

Getting a safety picture is one.

But not a simple picture with a name and date on, maybe also think of a random word you can request being added to the paper.

Some people however are editing a photo to look like there is a piece of baby when there isnt.

So look closely even at pictures with a safety picture.

Make sure its genuine.

Another danger is one that is not so obvious to notice, but can sneak up on you slowly until it is too late.

That is the finanical side of reborn collecting.

We start it off with one baby who we fall in love with.

Then we see another and another that we just want to have in the nursery.

Now this is ok if you have the means to cover that.

But often we end up getting ourselves into commitments that can not always be stuck to.

There are times that we do without in other areas in our life to purchase the babies.

If we are not careful you can end up getting into debt over the babies you can get.

So just be careful.

Enjoy this hobby and everything it has to offer.

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