OK, so I know what you might be thinking. The Kansas Doll Show 2022 will feature a stroller race.

Well in this case, no, this run doesn’t mean going to put on your sneakers and grab a stroller.

In fact, you don’t need to sweat at all.

The Kansas Doll Show explains more.

Kansas Doll Show

“The new game we will be launching during Saturday’s show is STROLLER RUN! ?

In our case, what is a Poker Run or Stroller Run?

The event is an exciting and fun five-card, winner-takes-all, non-poker game, except that hand rankings are used to score events.

You don’t need to know a lot about poker to participate, the Kansas Doll Show will score participants.

Essentially, the stroller run is an excuse to meet all the vendors on the floor and have a good time at the station.

Poker running rules.

* First of all, although it’s a “run”, there is no speed prize – it doesn’t matter who is first, it’s not a race.

No, you do not need a stroller to participate.

* Participants meet at the scheduled location of the show; participants receive a random card from the vendor at the selected pickup point.

* Five decks of a total of 52 cards will be used, one for each vendor slot, and the pre-selected vendor will deal you one card at their table or booth.

When you purchase your stroller run ticket, you will receive an envelope containing your first playing card and this instruction sheet.

After that, there will be four pre-selected vendors on the floor who will have a silver star balloon above their table or booth that will hand you the remaining playing cards.

* Deals are placed in the contestant’s card envelope, and the winner of the event is the contestant who played the best five cards at the end of the Saturday program.

Winner will be announced at 3:45pm

All cards must be turned in by 3:00pm at the Jenny Raymond Originals booth

Remember, you must write your name and phone number on the envelope in case we need to contact you.

*Winning hands are determined by standard five-card poker hand rankings. “Wild cards” are not allowed, and players are not allowed to purchase additional cards at any time.

Suits from lowest to highest are clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.

*Without card sharing, all five cards submitted must be from each of the five pre-selected individual suppliers.

We have purposely marked the cards so if any of the cards turned in are not from each individual supplier, for a total of five cards, you will be disqualified, removed from the run, and forfeited all paid payments.

* This is a winner-takes-all event where the best 5 card players will win prizes.

There will be no ties or prizes to share.

By following the rules above, stroller running should be a fun and enjoyable activity for all involved, good luck! ! ! “

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