The Top 5 Most Lifelike Sleeping Reborn Baby Dolls

Every woman has a dream of becoming a mother, but there are only a few who are blessed with a baby. The reason is that some are born infertile, and others do not get a chance to give birth to a sweet baby girl. The desire of having a baby girl is increasing in some ladies, and they are ready to take any steps that would provide them with a chance to have a sweet little princess in their hands. If you do not have enough time to raise a child and take care of one, having reborn baby dolls is the best solution.

You will get the satisfaction of having a real baby in your hand. However, the real question is from where you will get the best quality lifelike baby dolls. There are different types of dolls available in the market, but all of them are not the best. That is why here we have the list of top 5 reborn baby dolls that you can consider having.

1- Don’t Wake Up Me Realistic Newborn Baby

It is the cutest silicone baby available in the market. The biggest attraction of the doll is the expressions that she has while sleeping. It is a few months old baby doll that is sleeping so sweetly that despite knowing it is a doll you will find yourself tip toeing around it to assure that you will not wake the baby up from its sweet slumber. There is a small little feeder in the hand of the baby which makes it look more attractive. Your love will increase for the baby doll with the passage of time. The small hands and feet of the baby will make you touch them every time you are around the doll. It is dressed in a cute pink dree that gives it a realistic appearance. You will never leave the side of this baby doll.

2- Bunny Girl Sweetly Dream Realistic Reborn Baby & Rabbit Doll

If you are looking for lifelike baby dolls that are a little older than 3 to 5 months baby, the bunny girl will be your perfect choice. The moment you will look at the reborn baby doll for the first time you will fall in love with its beauty and cuteness. The baby sleeps so peacefully on the bed that you would love to kiss its cheeks but at the same time assure that you will not wake the baby up from its sleep. The realistic expressions of the baby doll are amazing. It seems like the moment you will touch the doll it will wake up and start smiling or crying. The little princess is dressed in a frock style shirt, and there is a small bunny in the hands of the doll. There are cute little shoes in its feet to make the doll look more realistic.

3- Sleeping Girl with Gift Pillow

Sleeping girl is the best silicone baby doll available online. It is the 6 months old baby doll that will make you fall in love with its expression, cuteness and beautiful features. The doll is sleeping all the time, but still, it is cute as compared to most of the dolls available in the market. It is like a small and vulnerable baby. When you look at the baby, you will feel loved, but you will find it hard to touch because you may wake the baby. It comes with a small pillow on which it sleeps to give it a more realistic look. The small pink romper of the baby enhances the beauty of the girl. If you have a closer look, you will notice the long lashes that make it look more like a work of art.

4- Sleeping Baby

One of the best lifelike baby dolls available in the market is the sleeping baby. Most of the dolls available in the market are pink, but it is the only doll that you will get in blue clothes. It means that you can treat the little doll as your baby girl or boy. The biggest attraction of the product is peaceful sleep. You will love the closed eyes and peaceful features of the doll. Another difference that you will notice in the doll is that it is sleeping on a side pose while the rest of the dolls are sleeping on their back. There is a cute little cap covering the head of the doll. It has huge fur balls that makes the sleeping baby look cute and gorgeous. The 8 months old baby can even sit that will allow you to enjoy playing with it.

5- Pink Girl Sleeping in Basket

Pink girl silicone baby will make your dream come true of having a baby girl. One of the best features of this doll is that it comes it is a basket. The baby is sleeping in the basket that you can easily carry with you to give it a more realistic look. It will be like you take your baby everywhere you go. It is a 5 months old baby dressed in pink and kept in the pink basket. The cute little hairband on the head with small hair makes it look even more beautiful . There is a small bunny that comes with the doll to make it look like the doll always sleeps with the toy. You can make the doll sit if you want but it will not stand, so be careful.

Bottom line

Make sure that you select the lifelike baby dolls you can be most comfortable with. You will surely enjoy spending time with your baby. It will give you the satisfaction that you need. You can dress up your princess like a real baby and enjoy having a daughter. It is perfect for the mothers who are infertile and would like to have a baby in their life. Bany doll has the biggest collection of reborn baby dolls available for you.

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