What is the true cost of timewasters to not only a reborn artist but anyone that sells their dolls?

I am sure anyone that sells a reborn baby has had this issue, people that message you and say they are interested.

Reborn artist

Exchange a conversation, sometimes lasting days, asking lots of questions about the baby and giving off the impression that they want the baby.

This is all great, and as a seller of course we are all open to answers questions about our babies.

After all that is all part of selling things.

But what isn’t fair are when people question and ask for my photos and generally lead you on only to then stop contacting you.

This is beyond frustrating.

People comment
“I will take it”

And then when you message them no response

Or people that comment

Then again after contacting them, no reply.

All these timewasters can cause sellers to lose sleep, spend time away from family and time away from working.

It is even more frustrating if selling babies is your income source.

So please, if you know that really you won’t be buying the babies, by all means like the photos and comment beautiful or something.

But please think twice before wasting the time of the seller.

There are never enough hours in the day as it is already.

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