I have been in the reborn community for several years now, and I have to say I have noticed a change within it.

Reborn communtiy

When I first joined the reborn community it was a nice family type place to be.

Everyone looked out for each other and supported one another.

The art produced by artists was appreciated and the value of each piece was understood.

Unfortunately it is a sad truth that this is now changing.

Reborn community

Gone are the days were we would stick together and congratulate each other on our achievements.

Now we have so much rivalry, infighting, attacking and down right bullying of each other.

At times going as far as death threats and insults about a persons family!

I mean really, come on we are meant to be adults here.

Reborn community

But one of the strongest things to have occured since ai joined is a give me attitude.

An attitude where people now think and find it acceptable to ask for free dolls, free handouts.

Where no one feels there is anything wrong with stealing from another artist or scamming a buyer.

Where the trust for each other that was once high within the community, now has us all doubting each sale that we are in.

This is not how it was meant to be.

This is art and each artist should be given the appreciation they deserve.

Reborn community

No one should be ignored or looked over for trying something new just because they are not one of the popular people within this community.

They may have forgotten, but even those popular people started out as no ones.

So lets stop this self entitlement and go back to supporting each other and valuing just what made this community great not so long ago.

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