Top 5 Most Lifelike Reborn Dolls for Your Kids

What are Reborn Dolls?

Not everyone can understand the idea behind Reborn Baby Dolls. This is largely because the terminologies around the Lifelike dolls are relatively new. Reactions from people asked about the dolls are quite shocking.

Reactions like, “What?” “Reborn babies?” “How can I have a baby that is reborn?”

So, Reborn babies are dolls that are made to look exactly like a real human baby. And just like the regular dolls, these are made up of vinyl or other sophisticated materials. These dolls are created to look like a real baby, hence at first glance; you may not be able to know the difference between it and real babies.

The entire process of making these dolls entails a lot of processes which includes removing several parts of the doll and other manufacturing paints. Afterwards, each part of the dull is stuffed to make it heavier and evenly distributed before fixing the separated parts.

The dolls are coated with lots of different layers of paints; these paints exist in different shades; this is done in the guise of making it look like a human baby. Then the hair, eyebrows and other parts of the doll’s body are embedded to ensure that the doll has a natural finish.

How did all these started?

The tedious process of making these Reborn dolls began in the early 90’s, and of course in the United States. This happened when the doll aficionados needed a more real human doll. And around the early 2000’s it gained massive popularity. In 2002, the first doll was sold on the internet. Since then, a lot of doll enthusiasts and artists are engaged fully in Reborn dolls. A few years later, the international association for Reborn Doll Artists was founded. Since then, there have been hundreds of Reborn forums on the internet.

Deborah King a famous reborn, she was in the business for more than five years stated that the art of making dolls grows and improves as the practice is being carried out. She has made and reached out to different clients all over the globe. And due to the increasing popularity of Reborn dolls, BBC America aired an extensive documentary on the subject in October 2008 titled ‘My Fake Baby’.

Here is a list of the top 5 lifelike reborn dolls for your kids

Sleeping Soundly Boy

This Reborn doll shows a baby boy who sleeps on the crib. The age is about four months hence it is recommended for people who want to feel the beauty of nursing a baby around this age. This doll comes along with a baby bottle, magic nipple, and a birth certificate. The eyes of the child are closed; this is to capture the essence of a sleeping baby perfectly. Here is a link to make an order.

Purple cloth Sweet Girl Baby

This is an entirely realistic baby doll. She comes with a unique feature like dimples, slender foot. She is just the perfect gift for loved ones. When she is hugged, the special effects are felt; the happy smile, round cheek and brown eyes. The baby is six months old with about 900g weight. Make your order here

Aiken and Aikin Twin Baby Doll Set

Beautiful brown-eyed twin; perfect for the excitement. While one is captured sleeping, the other is wide awake. Their irresistible gentle touch has placed them as many client’s favorites. Both with an angelic face, they are ready to make you feel happy once again. Get yours today

Dinosaur Willis Pleasant Dream Truly Silicone Doll Lifelike Baby

The plump cheeks of the baby have made it adorable for clients. His lovely hair is what usually gets clients attracted. They feel so real like that of humans. The baby is captured sleeping. Take a look at this here

Lifelike Baby Doll Happy Girl Katie

This baby doll is well fitted in classic vinyl to fit into a well-treasured family heirloom that has been passed down from generations. A unique feature of this doll is that it has an African-American appearance and this stands it out for most clients. You can feel its plump cheeks, squeeze its little fingers and toes. The age of this reborn doll is 8months. Order here

Reborn dolls are lovely to have around. You can get any for a companion or maybe as a gift for a friend. In whatever reason they are bought, it is immensely of great value and highly appreciated.

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